Wooden beautiful standing desk for children
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If you like to use a standing desk, why wouldn't your child want one too?

The desk is child friendly

  • Rounded edges
  • No finger pinch-points
  • The desk grows with them
  • Made with high quality natural materials, important for good indoor air quality
  • NBN EN 12521 standardized (Furniture strength, Durability & Safety)
  • More product details can be found on the FAQ page

€ 100 discount when returned

The First StandUp is designed to grow with your child. But at a certain moment the child will outgrow the desk. What then? No worries! To cover this transition period we’ve designed a "take back"-discount. By returning the children’s desk you’ll get a € 100 discount on an adults version of the StandUp. Wether it is the Nomad or the Extra Wide, it doesn’t matter.

More questions?

Please drop us an email at standup@jaswig.eu, call us at +32 478 28 78 20 (it is a Belgian number so watch our for the related costs, send us a text message if you want us to call you :)), or visit our FAQ on http://www.jaswig.be/faq/.

1% for the planet

Jaswig is a proud member of 1% for the planet. We donate 1% of our revenue to grassroots initiatives. Currently we partnered up with Natuurpunt which is a nature conservation organisation that regenerates ecosystems!

1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses that understand the importance of giving back to nature what it deserves. It is a start for paying for the ecosystem services nature provides us with.

If you are a business owner or know one, please spread the word and help to grow this initiative.

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