Designed to keep you moving and the earth spinning, Jarvis Bamboo is the perfect choice for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious standing desk users.

For the desktop we use sustainable bamboo harvested without pesticides or fertilizers, and its beautiful color comes only from the kiln, not from any chemical dyes or stains.

The desk’s frame is one of many reasons Jarvis has been named best standing desk by The Wirecutter four years in a row. With an industry-leading lifting capacity of 158 kg, you can load up your desktop with just about anything—multiple monitors, gallons of coffee, your dog (we’ve seen it all). And its LED programmable handset lets you quickly adjust from low enough for a child to sit to high enough for a 2m tall person to stand—and every leaning, twisting, perching whim between.

Jarvis bamboo is available in different shapes and sizes and a selection of accessories that have been fine-tuned and battle tested for maximum lovability.

We offer the Bamboo desktop on our webshop but have other make to order options available even reusing your current desktop with the Jarvis Frame is possible.

The Jarvis Standing Desk is part of the Jaswig portfolio because of our partnership with Fully.